Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The mission of Ocean’s Harbor House to provide a safe haven and caring environment for vulnerable youth to enable them to unlock their potential and learn skills that will empower them to build healthier lives, relationships and futures.

The goals of Ocean’s Harbor House:

  • To create and support services that will help youth transition safely to adulthood and lead healthy, productive lives.
  • To alleviate the problems of runaway, homeless and abused youth.
  • To reunite youth with their families and encourage the resolution of intra-familial problems.
  • To strengthen family relationships by promoting safe, stable living conditions for the youth.
  • To identify resources in the community and develop placement options for the youth that are homeless.
  • To develop services that embrace diversity and provide opportunities for youth to fully participate in the planning and implementation of programs which affect their lives, their families and their communities.
  • To be a voice for youth and families in need through community awareness, public education and advocacy activities.

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