Cellphone Fundraiser

Electronics RecyclingHarbor House is asking you to consider how donating your used cellphones, smartphones, iPods, and iPads may help those in need.   As part of a fundraiser to support renovations to our Emergency Youth Shelter bedrooms, Harbor House has partnered with Shelter Alliance (www.shelteralliance.net), the largest grassroots cell phone recycler in the United States. It is our goal to update our Youth Shelter bedrooms to provide a more personal, home-like feel for our youth. If this program becomes as successful as we hope, we can look to other agency needs which directly impact our youth.

Shelter Alliance currently works with over 6000 social service organizations in 50 states and has contributed over $10,000,000 to participating organizations; offering payment for all phones collected, free shipping, and zero landfill recycling.

Donating a used or unwanted cellphone, smartphone, iPod, or iPad allows the community to help with an important cause without reaching into their wallets. With hundreds of thousands of used cell phones sitting idly in our community, the fundraising potential is almost limitless.


The Process is Simple!

  1. We collect used cell phones, smartphones, iPods, & iPads (no accessories please).
  2. We ship them cost free to Shelter Alliance where they will be responsibly recycled.
  3. Harbor House will then earn up to $30 per cellphone, $300 per smartphone, $100 per iPod, and $250 per iPad.

Get Involved! Donate Your Old Cellphones, iPods, iPads, etc.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in this fundraiser by donating your cellphone, smartphone, iPod, or iPad, please drop off your collected items at one of our locations, or contact us so we may arrange to pick up your donation.

We thank you very much for your assistance with this exciting opportunity!

If anyone has any further questions or ideas please contact:

Danielle Hinte Ed.M

Family Crisis Intervention Unit