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Electronic Monitoring

Ocean’s Harbor House has recently obtained Ocean County’s Electronic Monitoring (EM) contract from the Youth Services Commission. The program serves Ocean County youth who have been mandated by a juvenile court judge or have met the criteria outlined in the Risk Screening Tool by an Ocean County Juvenile Intake Officer. These youths may range from ages 10-18. The program maintains GPS tracking ankle monitors for the County at any given time.
Provide intensive supervision 24/7 utilizing GPS services as well as face to face interactions
Create case management and goal plan with youth and family
Provide stabilization services for court mandated juveniles and their families
Assist family in obtaining Title 5A (application for representation by a public defender)
Provide staff representation and ensure juvenile’s appearance in court, providing transportation if needed
Monitoring Evaluations that will provide a holistic view of youth (and the youth’s family’s) support systems, community engagement and potential for success on the EM bracelet when ordered by the courts
Work cooperatively with all members of the family court and juvenile justice system as well as community partners such as probation, CMO, DCP&P, MDT, etc.
Implement a continuum of detention alternative programs with options for increasing and decreasing levels of supervision based on compliance and achievements

All services are free, voluntary, and confidential. All staff are vetted and professionally trained to work with youth at risk.

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