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What We Do

What We Do

Ocean’s Harbor House, Inc. provides a continuum of care for children, youth and young adults between the ages of 10 through 21 who have suffered abuse, neglect, and/or homelessness. Our programs are defined by age and need. We provide emergency shelter, transitional living, case management, crisis intervention, and prevention services. These programs include Emergency Youth Shelter, Supervised Transitional Living Program, Family Crisis Intervention, Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) prevention and awareness, Substance Use Referral and Education (SURE), and a variety of Out-client psychoeducational groups.
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The programs at Ocean’s Harbor House are committed to a comprehensive approach to stabilizing youth in crisis. We focus on prevention, intervention, and aftercare.

Supervised Transitional Program

In a 12-bed group home setting, this program provides educational and vocational counseling and supportive services to homeless, runaway, neglected and abandoned, ages 16-21, regardless of geographic origin for up to 18 months.
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All services are free, voluntary, and confidential. All staff are vetted and professionally trained to work with youth at risk.

Inspiring New Chapters, A Former Resident's Story

"I used to stay at harbor house, 3 separate times actually, and I just want to let you guys know how I'm doing. It was 6 maybe 7 years ago so whoever has been around that long please pass this message to them.

I miss you guys, a lot has changed recently. I am now married, on a deployment out in Afghanistan, have a puppy, and am doing really well. My little brother Aaron actually left for the navy not long ago himself. If we had postcards you know I would send one, I really hope you are all doing well.

I just wanted to say I'm still doing well, I leave Afghanistan in roughly 2 months. I wish I could come back and visit, but I'm going to be using my vacation time to go to Jamaica. I hope you are all doing well, you really are some of the most amazing people.
Now I am stationed in New Mexico, I've been here for 3 years now, I was in Afghanistan for 6 months serving in the Air Force."

Tyler Bronman,
Senior Airmen in the Air Force now stationed in New Mexico
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