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Our Story


For 35 years, Ocean’s Harbor House has addressed the needs of runaway and homeless youth, while also providing services to youth and families in crisis. Youth and families come to our programs having endured many types of unsafe or unfortunate experiences, causing them to adopt unhealthy behavior patterns, poor coping skills and ill formed plans for the future. Helping them heal and move forward requires a comprehensive response from many different perspectives. With a multilayered menu of programs for youth alone or together with their families, we provide shelter, support and services that are designed to meet them wherever they are on their journey. Our goal is to help youth and families rewrite their stories while building stronger foundations and bright futures.
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Ocean’s Harbor House has provided programming to at-risk youth and families for over 35 years. In 1988 we opened the Emergency Youth Shelter, serving youth in crisis ages 10-19. We then saw a clear lack of services for “aging out” youth with no support. In response the agency opened the Transitional Living Program (TLP) for youth ages 16-22 in 2004. Two years later, we received began serving Ocean County Youth and Families through the Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU). In 2022, we opened the Healing Harbor Services Program, encompassing FCIU, the Substance Use Referral & Education Program and our work on human trafficking. We respond to critical needs in the community using our unique strengths to make the most impact, both on our own and collectively. In 2024, we will open Ocean County’s first ever Family Shelter, as the community sees more demand from parents searching for a safe place to stay with their kids. We are proud of the work we’ve done, and we are honored to have touched so many lives in such a positive way. Change is often difficult but we are confident that our strong history will prepare us to serve the community in the most significant ways while we remain fiscally strong and responsible long into the future.


The mission of Ocean’s Harbor House is to provide shelter, support, and services for vulnerable youth and families, empowering them to build successful pathways, relationships, and futures. This has been the cornerstone of our work for over 35 years.


All youth and families feel safe, empowered and equipped for successful futures.
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